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Videographer - is it worth it?

You've shelled out for an amazing photographer and you've made sure he/she is unobtrusive and won't make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Do you need more?

The arguments for and against a videographer is something I hear a lot. And I'm still on the fence. As I often work with couples towards a strict budget, I would normally suggest spending a bit extra on the photography instead.

But once in a while, in particular if there has been a really emotional ceremony, or an absolutely fantastic speech, then only a video with sound and movement will truly capture that forever.

For that reason, I would suggest spending a little bit of time researching videographers, so that you can make an informed decision on whether you should have one.

If the decision is yes, Craig from AmazingDayz is one of the videographers I can warmly recommend. See a highlight video below from one of my Stratton Court Barn weddings last year, where only videography could do much of the day justice.

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